Shoot with Anne

It took some months of planning as our schedules were not aligned in the slightest bit, but we finally managed to get this thing start rolling; a shoot with the model Anne in Sittard. The weather was good and the batteries were charged and all 3 of us were totally ready for it!

All 3 of us? What the he–?! Well Kimberley ( — who played a big part in organizing the whole thing– was part of the gang of 3 as well. The thing is that without a huge model photography portfolio it is pretty hard getting models in front of your camera for photographic purposes. The reason might be that there are a lot of photographers out there whos intentions are not part of the normal rational and those people kind of ruin it for the rest of us (starters I might want to add).

So lets talk for a bit about the shoot itself; there were a couple of places! The first shoot was in a coffeeshop called Cafe Mundo. The thing that I have with coffeeshops is that the light and atmopshere is always very nice. The second one was a library (attached to the coffeeshop) and the third place was just in the open (city gardens). At one point the model had to change clothes (from a sweater to a white dress) so that was kind of tricky I suppose but in the end all 3 of us had big fun, a couple of laughters and were already thinking of doing this once more at another point in time. Thanks to all!

Equipment used: Sony A7, 50mm F1.4 SY lens, 85mm F1.4 SY lens
Camera settings: Variable
Edit: Adobe Photoshop CC

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