Urban Exploration Report

A couple of weeks ago I went out for a trip in Belgium to check out some abandoned buildings (Urban Exploration). As I haven’t written for a long time it is time to catch up a bit. Let us start from the beginning. 

So as you might be well aware (or not), since I am having a little cute baby boy (Adrian), it is a tad harder for me to plan any photography trips whatsoever. Finally, a couple of weeks ago (might as well be months) I found the time to go out with a couple of friends and we went to Belgium to check out some abandoned sites. First on the list was an abandoned farm. The street was a bit crowded and for some reason we didn’t dare to make a move. We just stood there, looking at it and decided it was a better idea to come back later in the day. So we drove to the next place.

We arrived at the house and found our way inside from the backside of the building, like in many cases. After we let our eyes get used to the dim light and some reconnaissance it was time to plant the camera and take some shots. At some point we heard some noise coming from upside so I checked it out and two fellow explorers entered the building as well, so no worries there. Have a look at some of the pictures;

After we were done here, we got inside the car and moved to the next place. This house was kind of the odd ball as it looked nothing like any of the other houses I ever checked out. The entrance was fairly easy, open window and a barstool in front from which we could just climb our way in really. I literally have no idea what this house was or who it belonged too or what function it ever served but just like in most cases the pictures speak more than a thousand words, so have a look;

Well, it was a short stay because none of actually really liked the place for some reason, 2 German blokes entered the house and all of the sudden there was no space or time to get any more decent shots any longer. Time to move. We drove all the way back to the abandoned farm, same thing; people on the street etc so after a sudden impulse of bravado we just climbed under and over the fence, ran to the backside and made our way in. Nobody saw us for some unexplained reason so yay for us.

This was the main attraction of the day and basically everything I want to see in an Urbex location. An abandoned house with decay and furniture (old fashioned) still intact.

Anyways; thanks for reading and I hoped you enjoyed reading this as much as I did travelling rounds and taking these pictures. Godspeed to y’all!

Gear used: Sony A7 + 14mm Samyang MF Lens
Settings: ISO: Depending on the light, F13, Shutter: Bracket
Edit: Photoshop CC


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