Happy New year!

2017 has ended and looking back on it, for me personally it was a great year of Photography. I made a lot of steps, climbing up the imaginary ladder and increasing my photography skills when it comes to composition and editing, in a beautiful year full of practice and intense photography. However, 2018 has just began and I need to improve even more. Gotta raise the bar you know. As such: Here are my new years’ resolutions for 2018 when it comes to my photography carreer:

  • Doing more model photography
  • Doing more wedding photography
  • Getting a new screen (IPS) to edit better
  • Potentionally getting a new lens. Thinking about a 35mm but all options are still open
  • Following workshops and tutorials
  • Finding more abandoned sites in Belgium and potentionally Germany
  • Going to Thailand for model photography and some landscapes

How about yours? Tell us your new years’ resolutions in the comment section below!

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