Winterbreak & Sony A7 III

Hi dear visitors,

two things 🙂 First of all I am having a small winterbreak because I am a happy father so updates are a bit on the slow side but when it’s not -20 I will actually go outside and make 2018 a great year of photography. The second big thing is that the Sony A7 III is released and I am quite pleased with what Sony Released.

I am actually also quite curious what this will do with the price of the original A7 or A7 ii. I am not in dire need of a new camera but the a7 ii or a7 iii look rather interesting. Also I am wondering why people would bother buying an A9 with this thing being released? I wouldn’t even look at the A9 anymore but that is just my personal opinion. I care about money 🙂

Check it out by clicking the link:


Sony a7 III: A Feature-Filled 24MP and 4K Full-Frame Mirrorless for $1,999

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